How to place sports betting online in Singapore


Technology is constantly changing, and online sports cannot be stopped. If players new to online sports betting still don't know much about how to play, this article by
cashbet168 will help players better understand.

In this article, players will learn about each step in the online sports betting Singapore process. From the first step in setting the conditions for betting to the discussion of betting options that are both appropriate for the player themselves and the reality. Besides, there is deduction from the information given by the dealer to have the most objective view. A sharp player, who has a chance of winning big bets.

Cashbet168 guarantees that if you complete all of our instructions below, you will know all the necessary information a sports betting participant should have. Our team of experts has tried to work and give the most objective and positive views to players.

Set everything up:

Any participation in game betting, including sports betting, a player's first step is to set up an account. Players will better understand the world of betting and live in it if account setup is successful. Below are the steps players need to complete their bet. Each step has its own meaning and is essential to this betting action. Don't worry too much because everything is easy and simple. Players know to be ready in any event when participating in online sports betting.

  • Choose the right online sports betting site:

Players should remember that online sports is not just a computer, but anywhere players can participate as long as there is an internet device. The rise in the betting industry gives players a wide variety of great options to choose from. The system offers a wide variety of favorite sports, including sports the player has never known.

The variety of games allows players to have many great choices. Besides, it also confuses the player because they are too many. A professional gamer knows what a reliable online betting site is and offers a lot of experience if participating.

There are many factors to decide whether a website is good or not. The player should list the good elements and consider which website has, more or less so that he can choose the best, and also the most suitable. The decision is a bit slow, but with good results.

  • Deposit your sports betting account:

Once you have chosen a good sports betting website for yourself, players can register an account and deposit an amount according to their betting needs to that account. Many people who have never bet before will find this split as it is difficult to trust money to a website, but rest assured. A website that is openly active and has many players should be trusted at least once.

The sports betting channel you choose will guide you through the process by providing players with several options and players needing an account to deposit their bets. Players should only choose an appropriate bank account instead of downloading all.

If the player is new to betting, they should only deposit enough money. After taking the bet, feeling interesting and enjoying it, then the player should continue. Otherwise stop and move on to betting other sports games. Betting guidelines cover providing players step-by-step, solving problems that arise, and having a variety of methods of sponsoring players such as incentives and prizes. Besides, there are some strategies and tips to make the betting process go smoother, ensuring the best results for the game.

Choose bets:

  • Bet options:

One of the main betting interesting things is the selection of sports betting providers. Not only stop there, but also give players practical betting time, how to bet. Which sport requires betting, players get help or do their own research in the betting process. Either way, betting options still feel new.

  • Strategy:

Most big-winning sports betting players have strategy instead of playing on impulse. A cautious player is someone who has a look at the data of the previous match of the team they bet on. Besides, based on statistics, players observe their abilities, current status, sport and many other factors that only give results for a match. This is not the best strategy but is most needed by a gamer. Especially the beginners of online betting.

Player's bet:

The first thing of wagering is that players log in to their sports betting account. Then select the sport they want to bet on. At most online websites, the homepage will list all the available sports, players simply need to click on the sport they like. In each sport there are tournaments big and small, players read and choose which tournament they want to bet on. check out site


With just one click, players can find the betting options and the tournament they want to bet on. If you have not found the bet type that the player is satisfied with, the list will have an "add" button. Then the full list will appear, each match, specific race.

The next job is to check the odds to make sure the players are following the odds. There are many formats of odds, so choose the one that the player understands best, in case the format is changed, the player can adjust it to their liking.

A lot of virtual bet slips will appear when the player clicks on the item you want to place a bet. This is where players choose the amount they want to bet. After entering the amount they want to bet the player will know exactly how much they will get if they win. Some websites only show the profits received, others show the full amount. (Profit does not include deposit).

Players confirm all bets slip and guarantee to agree with their bet press the confirm button or place bet. Players should take some time to do a full review before clicking the bet button. Some sites will ask a second time to see if a player is sure, but others only need once for a confirmed bet. Moreover, we can check to see if the system has no errors and any transactions.

Collect winnings:

There is nothing to say if the player loses. In the event the player wins the bet the next step is to receive the stake. Players have the option of withdrawing their bets to their account immediately after winning. Some players will accumulate up to an amount large enough according to their wishes, then withdraw.

The withdrawal process is also simple. Sports betting websites have a wide variety of options to offer its players. Players who choose any payment option will also guide players to a link that specifies details about the amount that can be received offline and how to make them back to the player's pocket fastest.

In the tutorial there is also analysis of player withdrawals and suggestions on the most popular option. Plus there are great tips to make the withdrawal process much smoother.


In short, here is an cashbet168 article that wants to help players clearly understand the details of how to bet on sports online. Besides that there are plenty of great things about sports betting as well as other types of betting at online casino in Singapore. Players come here to receive support in all aspects and enjoy many privileged privileges. We also make sure that players will be satisfied and enjoy every game we bring.

Best New Online Slots Of This Week (August 3, 2020)


This week, join us on an adventure from Spain to Ancient Greece!

Started with a visit to Spain at La Fiesta with Relax Gaming. This is one of Relax Gaming's latest games with the theme of this many country festivals. This new game with many features and four free spin rewards.

Demo Gods IV from Spinomenal is a Greek-era adventure revolving around gods. This is the latest release of a series of Greek-themed games using Power Spins. Continues to be a Greek legend - Medusa Fortune & Glory from Dream Tech with unique features and free spins with exponential multipliers. The final destination for this week's trip is the Push Gaming's Mystery Museum. The chance to win Power Gamble is waiting for you at the most prestigious casinos. Let’s learn more details with us!

1. La Fiesta By Relax Gaming 

Let’s take a trip to Spain and join the best festival! This newest member of Relaxing Gaming has a colorful interface with many unique symbols and animation. Besides, the charging bulls are one of the adrenaline of Pamplona. Certainly, this will be an unforgettable trip for you.

La Fiesta is an interesting game with 3D icons with many colors. These icons will take you to famous street festivals: Pamplona and Bunol. These famous streets are the annual 'Running of the Bulls and Tomatina' festivals. This is one of the extremely typical cultural features of Spain.

La Fiesta symbols include bull, rose, black horse, and Falleras Free Spins feature. 

To be able to activate 4 free spins bonuses, you must collect a special symbol on reel 5 and 3 scatters. In addition, special features - Falleras Free Spins is also an additional feature. It only appears when a rose is on the reel.

You will have the opportunity to receive 7 free spins when owning special sticky wilds in La Tomatina. In addition, if you can collect bull symbols stacked on top of the reels, you will have a chance to get additional bonus wins. Besides, you can also get 5 free games in Pamplona's free spins when collecting those bull symbols.

Once you see a black horse appearing on the screen with San Joan free spins. This symbol is considered a wild symbol with a value equal to a progressive multiplier. This symbol is quite special, it moves along each reel while standing wins. In particular, this symbol only appears in the middle of the reel respins. Each spin will give you a multiplier. Before disappearing, the black horse will give you a final respin with an extra 1x multiplier.

Relax Gaming's new rookie is definitely a perfect game for any player who wants to have a home tour. Join La Fiesta now to have the best experience!

2. Demo Gods IV by Spinomenal

Inspired by the gods of Greek mythology, Spinomenal has released the fourth game in their Demi Gods series. This online slot game is rated as one of the biggest buzz games in the series.

With sharp graphics, beautiful visuals, epic sound, this 6-reel slot is definitely a game to try this week. There are many stacked symbols with greek themes in this game. The special free spins feature will be determined after you spin the wheel

By having winning combinations of bonus symbols on reel 1 or 6, you will be able to activate free spins.

In addition, you can also get other attractive features such as a Power Spin, a win multiplier, synced reels, and extra free spins. If you use the Power Spin feature, the symbols of low value on reels 2,4,5 will be deleted in free spins.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your free spin bonus when using the Buy Feature option. Demi Gods IV has another new and special feature - the synced reels feature. This feature allows you to create a giant emblem with huge prizes by synchronizing reels 2,3,4 to reels having the same value.

If you are a loyal fan of Demi Gods slots, you will not be able to skip this game. Try it today!

3.  Medusa Fortune & Glory by Dream Tech

The next is an adventure to another Greek myth. Medusa Fortune & Glory by Dream Tech is the latest release and has the chance to become one of the best online slot games this week.

It is considered the latest version of Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters platform. With the latest features including two free spins bonuses and lots of extra wilds or win multipliers icons. Inspired by Ancient Greece, this fascinating online slot game includes 6 reels and 4096 ways to win.

In there, there are extremely powerful symbols such as Gorgon Medusa, wilds, extra wilds or basic symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, A. in which, Gorgon Medusa is used as the wilds and spreading wilds can also appear, then add 1-3 extra wilds to each reel. You will be able to activate free spins if you land 3 bonus symbols. In free spins, you will be able to get one of two features: prize multipliers and extra wilds.

In this week's 6-reel game items, Medusa Fortune & Glory absolutely deserves to be the best game. So, pick yourself a free spin today!

4. Mystery Museum by Push Gaming

Conclude this week's adventure with a tour of the museum. A strange museum with lots of interesting things awaits you to discover at the Mystery Museum. Push Gaming created an online slot game with a structure of 10 paylines and 5 reels. With historical sites as well as antiques, the game is one of the most exciting games this week. Antiquarian symbols are waiting to be created for new winning combinations on all devices that you are using with an internet connection.

The symbols present in the Mystery Museum include Greek amphoras, Egyptian hieroglyphs, helmets, Viking runes, and Samurai masks. In particular, the Samurai mask is a wild symbol and is responsible for replacing all other symbols. It also acts as a scatter symbol. You can activate the free games feature once you have collected more than 3 icons on the reels.

The Mystery Stack symbols are a special symbol. it can appear anywhere to fill the reels. In free games, this symbol also appears to reveal the paying symbols.

The most special feature of the Mystery Museum is the Power Gambler feature. This is the latest feature of Push Gaming that helps you to double your chances of winning. You can get a chance to earn 100x your amount and activate the free spins bonus immediately.

Try the Mystery Museum slot from the provider of Push Gaming today to be able to win great opportunities!


Above is a list of the best new games this week. You can try these exciting games today with the free demo version available on Joker123. This online casino Singapore will provide you with the most appropriate and fast features to help you have the best experience! Hope you will be able to enjoy the best when starting your adventure this week.

Recommended: Free Slots – Play 7780+ Free Online Casino Games Reference source:

New Online Slots Games of Week (July 10, 2020)

New Online Slots of Week (July 10, 2020)

There are many unique, progressive and unique games coming out this week. These online slot games are considered to be the best new games this week.

from Wild symbols and free spins at Viking Reign from Ainsworth suppliers to Bally's products with Power Strike and free spins and progressive Jackpot prizes.

In addition, Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic is a new game of Barcest with Irish-themed and the victory will be considered in clusters with elves. Finally, a new product from Relax Gaming - Marching Legions. Inspired by the Roman period and Roman soldiers marching on the reels.

These new games all offer free play versions. Play the free version before joining for real money!

Power Strike Egyptian Riches by Bally 

Ancient Egypt continues to be a prominent theme chosen by Bally for their newly released game - Power Strike Egyptian Riches. This game is available in all types of casinos: online casino and traditional casino.

This new online slot game includes 40 paylines and free spins and wilds features. Players will not be able to refuse when this game's RTP up to 96.60%.

However, what is most telling is the progressive Jackpot prize. You will have the opportunity to receive this award when activating the Pick feature by combining the Power Strike symbol on reel 5 with 1+ scatters on reels 1-4.

You also have the opportunity to activate free spins in this game. Bonus spins will be triggered when and shown on reel 5. Meanwhile, this spins are locked during the time the bonus round appears. In addition, you can activate more free games or unlock more cash locks on reel 5.

Besides, Power Strike Egyptian Riches cannot lack symbols for players to choose. With 16 special symbols, players are allowed to choose in 3 turns and must choose well to be able to find their own suitable symbols. With those options, you can win cash prizes of up to 50-5000x your stake, one of the progressive jackpot positions (Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega) and 3-5 free spins.

Make sure Power Strike slots will be the best choice for you!

Viking Reign slot by Ainsworth


a game from vendor Ainsworth is one of the latest games this week. Viking Reign is an online slot game with 5 reels and 30 paylines with a Nordic theme.

Like many of Ainsworth's top titles, this game offers a full range of great and extremely attractive rewards for players.

Viking Reign has prominent symbols including: Viking ships, horns and helmets. With a unique design, soothing and relaxing sounds, this game is sure to make a big name in the world casino industry.

Wild symbols will appear in games 3,4 and 5, and can replace all symbols except scatter symbols. In the free spins bonus round, there will be an additional wild type.

Free games will be triggered by taking down 3 or more scatters. You will have a chance to win 10 free spins and random multiplier bonuses from 1x to 5x your stakes. You can also reactivate free spins by combining 3 additional scatters.

With this great graphics, Viking Reign will surely satisfy your passion for exploring the wild world. Join the online slot now!

Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic by Barcrest


a new online game of The Rainbow Riches brand series will definitely be a game that you cannot miss. because this is a famous brand and best rated supplier Barcest. Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic is launching an Irish theme this week and promises to be a game not to be missed at online casinos.

Besides basic prizes, you can also win a jackpot prize worth more than 5000x your stake. In addition, free spins or hit cluster wins will help you increase your prizes many times over.

Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic icons include: colorful rainbows, pots of gold, and a jolly leprechaun

The games are in the series of the famous brand Rainbow Riches including dozens of titles. This newly launched game has 4 reels and a series of paylines. When you have winning combinations, they will disappear and become symbols cascade. subsequent reel locations also appear and will land on each floor, up to a maximum of 6. cascades will end when the game area is 8x8.

Free spins will be activated during bonus time. With 8x8 setting, players will be able to play free games when activating additional features, including persisting wilds, infinity spins, or wild rain.

In particular, the wild rain feature is a special feature. There will be 4-16 additional wilds added in each free spins. In addition, you can also get four additional free spins by collecting six consecutive cascades.

Marching Legions by Relax Gaming

In this list will be an indispensable ancient Rome theme. from Relax Gaming, Marching Legions is a game with 5 exciting reels with cute animations in a jungle setting. This new slot game will offer Buy Feature features in a free spin with exciting prizes that you cannot miss.

This online slot machine includes 5 reels with 243 ways to win. Each roll was filled with symbols of earth, sword or soldiers of Rome.

If I am a fan of walking wild games like NetEnt’s Jack & the Beanstalk, you definitely won't miss this game. Once the soldier symbols march through the coils, these symbols activate the respins. These soldiers will turn into a mighty marching stack when fully filled with the necessary elements.

When you destroy a stack of Romans, the prize meter will increase. You can enable the free spins feature when the prize meter is full. Meanwhile, you can also get a big prize with land special horn symbols that fill the prize meter. In addition, you may receive an additional stack Romans at each turn.

In particular, you can buy free spins feature for 120x your stake. With these special features and attractive features, Marching Legions will surely be the leading slot version of Relax Gaming.


Above are the best slot games released this week. Hope the above information will help you choose for themselves an appropriate game. Remember, all of these games are available for free at and other prestigious casinos. Choose for yourself a free game to be able to discover what is the best game!
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