Top 10 Reasons Why The Senior Love Playing Slot Machines

Top 10 Reasons Why The Senior Love Playing Slot Machines

Online Slots is an attractive game that attracts thousands of players around the world at land-based casinos and online casinos. Experiencing the development process, slot games become suitable for all ages.

In recent years, the number of seniors participating in slots has increased. It seems that the slot has captured the love of the seniors in the land-based casinos. So what is the reason?

The following article is some objective view on this issue as well as some reasons that we summarized through some detailed data. Join us to learn more!

1. Easy to play

It is the first reason and the most popular reason. The player is not managed by any dealer like on table games, you don't need to do anything else.

In addition, concentration and skills or cryptic tips are not necessary in this type of gambling game. Therefore, players can fully enjoy the game in a fun and stress-free way like other table games.

2. Low bets

With low bets, the slot game easily attracts more players, especially seniors. For this type of player, they hardly have too much cash to flash, so the slot machine is the best option because you don't need to spend too much money.

Players can experience many types of slot games with low bets that allow you to reach at least a cent. This will make it easier for you to win and is more suitable for your pocket. Whether you are a player with a lot of capital or a little capital, you can participate and win easily with your one cent.

3. Nostalgia

Most slots have a specific theme with interesting themes, from fruit machines to old-fashioned village and village themes. With classic slot games, players have to pull the levers themselves to start the reels.

Although there are many modern slot machines with the new theme for today and they are simpler, they still have familiar symbols like classic games. So the seniors can recall their glodatrious past thanks to these games.
4. Slots are friendly with players

When you become an older person, your reflexes will not be the same as your youth, and your eyes or actions will no longer be flexible. This is quite detrimental to players in all betting games, especially table games.

The good news is that you won't be affected by playing slot machines. The designers have especially designed slot games with a simple, easy-to-see interface, harmonious colors, large images, clear sound and appropriate lighting.

Thus, it is much easier to win. Therefore, this is one of the most common causes that seniors love this game.

5. Escapism 

Each slot brings a different world to the player. With special designs, unique interface and a perfect combination of sound and light, the slot is ready to bring you to a new world.

For older players, they come to gambling games in part because of loneliness or being bored at home and doing nothing else. Therefore, slots are always ready to dispel the loneliness of learning and open an exciting new way out. In addition, the slot machines can also make the player completely relax or give the player time to relax.

6. Slots as an addictive substance 

This is one of the most important reasons why players fully enjoy and easily immerse themselves into slot games.

Not only beginners but also veteran players are fascinated by its addictive nature. All in the calculations of the designers. The casual wins or winning combinations you regularly get will stimulate a player's desire. Of course, if you have successive victories, you will hope to win a big game in the next game. The combination of the sound and the victories you get in other games as a stimulant to your brain, the more your brain signals you to make you want to spend more rewards. That's why you continue to want to play at slot machines. 

The calculations in the slot game design are so effective that dating apps copy this platform so they can keep players and keep them wanting to play. 

7. Free drinks

Many old players who just want to play for free drinks. This is also one of the attractions for older players. It's fun to be able to just play a game with low bets, high entertainment and can enjoy free drinks thanks to great care!

  Therefore, how can players skip a game with so many good services!
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8. Slots make players more sociable

There are many elderly communities or nursing homes that often organize day trips to the casinos. Such trips will help them make more friends and have more fun.

9. Targeted marketing

These casinos often catch trends very quickly. They know that older people have a lot of free time as well as a certain amount of capital. The provision of services or marketing regimes often target these generations.

Some casinos will send promotional cards to encourage the elderly to come to the casino to experience the most authentic. Of course, the purpose of this marketing is to help increase revenue as well as visits at the casinos.

10. Marginalization

This gives older players a sense of comfort when playing slots machines. Almost all older people feel that they are a burden to their family or society, they feel they are excluded by the rest of society. They become sad and lonely if they continue to live unhappy. But when you drop into the slot machines, you'll feel you're not alone with the perfect design, interface and icons.

We are sure that you will feel much more interesting life, you will feel like you are reliving your glorious youth.

Casinos are trying to attract young players

According to the results of surveys in 2016, players under the age of 35 have slots participation rate of 21%, while the proportion of players over 35 years old slots is 42%. 

This ratio has shown a sizable disparity between the two ages, and it is becoming a concern for the casino industry. Casinos are finding ways to overcome and offer the most suitable solutions to attract young generation players.

For older players, classic casinos or slots or Bingo games often feel more familiar and nostalgic than modern slots games. The reasons we mentioned above are the most common reasons making slots become the favorite game of the seniors.
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Labouchere Casino System in Roulette

Labouchere Casino System in Roulette


Referring to Roulette, players only need to understand the simple rule of guessing the number of balls selected to win. And until now there is no way to really help players predict the results they want. In land-based casinos, Roulette is operated by spinning the wheel under the ownership of an agent. For online Roulette, at the beginning, Roulette is played by Random Number Generator. As the game progressed, players joined Roulette more and more, and it was upgraded to be identical to the land-based version of Roulette, which also had the appearance of a wheel spin, performed over a period of time. Under the supervision of the direct agent. And of course, to bring fairness and not lose the character of Roulette, the numbers and the results are random.

Players know Roulette thanks to its interesting randomness. Currently there is no way to help players choose the exact winning numbers. But adopting a betting system contributes to reducing money as well as unwanted losses. There are many betting systems created to help players, and a Labouchere is one of the most popular betting systems.


Brief History

The name Henry Labouchere is known not only as a politician and writer, but also as the founder of the Labouchere betting system of the same name. Although there is no evidence to date that he founded the system, this English character has always been known by the majority of Roulette players as the creator of the betting system. He was also a Roulette player and was passionate about it. Labouchere system was originally created to serve Roulette players. Over time, it has been modified, adjusted and is now used for many other games (Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps).

Basics of the Labouchere System

In the betting world this system is also known as the "Cancellation System, Split Martingale or American Progression". Because this is a negative progress system. This means that the player will have to increase the stake after each loss and reduce the stake after each win. This gives the player a small profit to offset previous losses. However, in order to achieve that result, the player must win several times.

Although this is a system used by many players because of the efficiency it brings, however, besides negative progress, there are limitations that are not suitable for new players, because it is quite difficult. to apply. This system was created for betting red / black, even / odd, high / low, so it is very suitable for Roulette.


How to Apply It in Roulette

The main rule when using the system is that the player will think of numbers and string them into a sequence and then write them down. The simpler the order in which the numbers are written, the easier it is to apply.

Writing numbers can be thought of as simple, but it is the sequence that determines the potential profit that a player can receive. The amount of profit that has a chance of getting is the value of the numbers the player has chosen. For example 1-2-3-4 is a series of numbers written down, the potential profit is $ 10.

Adding the first or last number creates the size of the string. If the selected sequence is the sequence mentioned above, $ 5 is the first bet. And the size of a big or small bet is determined after each round. The number $ 5 is determined when you remove the first and the last number of the string ( 1 and 4).

The size is determined after each round but the odds for each round are always the same. If the player loses, they can bet as before - $ 5 on the last line and the sequence will be changed to 1-2-3-4-5. In addition to the above, players need to follow two things:

  • Players need to exclude the first and last numbers from the sequence and bet the sum of the remaining numbers if they win.

  • In case of a loss, the bet amount depends on the total of the number forming the row at the end of the string.

The length of time a player can take part in a session depends on the number of player sequences. For example, the chosen series is 1-2-3, the amount to bet is $ 2. If the player wins then continue to bet $ 2. And the playing session will be completed if the player is won again. New round started again.

Principles of the new system look can be difficult especially for new entrants. However, if you understand the principle, the application does not need to think twice as much as other betting systems.


Pros & Cons

This system is specially created for Roulette, when using it players can be flexible with their betting. Because it is they who create the series as well as modify the series. The generated series can be short or long depending on the player. In addition, this system also provides the opportunity to help players earn profits to compensate for previous losses.

As with other negative evolving systems, the drawback of Labouchere is that when players experience many losses, meaning that the amount of money they spend before winning is too big, the winning plan becomes more difficult. Players must also keep an eye on their personal accounts and make reasonable bets.

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